Sound Shower Didgeridoo Meditation: 
20:00 – 21:30
at: SHANTI VIDA (Rambla de Catalunya 1, 3o 2a), Barcelona.

Have you ever feel frustrated after trying to meditate for a few minutes?
Evan Worldwind takes a different approach in that you become apart of a family dreaming together, in an atmosphere of live Music Vibration from the ancestral percussion instruments, ambient sounds and empowering words.
We will start with some fun and simple temple exercise for a heart to heart connection with each other.
Sound Shower a fully engage meditation, design to help you the artist, in remembering to embrace your desires and take to ownership of your own power.
This will be a supportive meditation directed by your imaginative mind.

Circle Gathering:
Simple Temple Exercise
Mirroring Meditation
Linguistic Art Design and Music

Price: 15 Euros – Get Your ticket Here:
Secure your space in advance, and dress comfortably for your imaginary experience.
Feel free to ask any questions and comments.



Sound Healing Meditation is  Magic of Ancestral Sound Experience with Evan Worldwind & Yahoteh Kokayi. Secure your seat for this Artist Dream Family Cosmic Ride at the Capel of Sacred Mirrors. 

For ticket and traveling location, Please Click (CoSM)

Upcoming Event at CoSM:  A Cosmic Sound Experience with Artist Dream Family.

The mission of Artist Dream Family is to assist others to heal themselves. The aim is to literally shift a person from self-doubts, fear, and other limited ideas in such a way, to make room for the original person to emerge and proactively design an effective way of life. The most challenging and rewarding job is taking control of our own mind. Your energy follows the mind, so whether you are cultivating your energy or you are misusing it, you never lose it.

Everybody is born with inner power. We have to Cultivate it to feel it and experience it. The infinite greater you that you desire to be. It takes COURAGE to do the work, and HUMBLENESS to ask for information and guidance. The warrior job begins with HONESTY. Your personal development is part of a greater plan. Usually, more than we can imagine in the world of sense. This is your Life ever expanding. We are all our brothers and Sisters keepers; which is basically saying that we are one. The world you wish for begins with you. You are powerful. Why? Because you are life itself experiencing itself.

The creative mind and can be accessed using healing modalities such as the Arts, Transcendental Music, Neuro-Linguistic Reprogramming, Vibrational Meditation and a reconnection with your beautiful Imagination.


Dream Dancing is a Mind Blowing Event: A musical experience to activate the power within.

July 14, 2018 – 19:00 to 21:00.

The Basement Barcelona,
Girona, 8, 08010
Barcelona, Spain.

Dancing to the hypnotic sounds of the Aboriginal Didgeridoo, the Ancestral Drums, and other live instruments. The musicians will be moving with your flow and mood of the space.
This experience intends to encourage you to embrace your natural trance state of creative imagination in a free environment. 

This two-hour unique experience begins with a collective meditation, that is designed to connect with each other on a heart to heart level, followed by the release of tension and worries accompanied by the dance experience without speaking. You are communicating your desire to express yourself freely in a safe setting without words. There is a no drugs and alcohol policy to ensure the utmost respect during this experience.
Tickets at:
Tickets also available at the door.
Evan Worldwind: Didgeridoo, Dream Dancing Concept
Marcel Capell: Electric Guitar and percussion
Stephane Rodicq: Sound Engineer and Designer of Sound
Systems Onda Earth
Victor Van Zandt: Project Manager, Graphic/ Video Designer.


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