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Coach  Of Engagement 


A Unique Approach To Coaching Extraordinary Clients.                     

I combine my skill as a Neuro-Linguistic (NLP)Programmer with my many years of Martial Art Training and stage performances in my profession as a coach.

This combination approach provides me with the necessary tools and insight to set the mood for a dynamic engagement between myself and my client in tackling complex issues.  

What Do You Need?

Like Athletes or singers/musicians getting ready to perform, the first stage of personal engagement is preparing their bodies and minds for presentation.

They must be mentally connected, emotionally aware, and physically relaxed, warmed-up, and aligned with their personal desired outcome and mission.

No one needed a coach or a guru to solve their problems.
They need a skilled, open-hearted, and generous listener to help them in their business, amplifying their vision.

A person who can help then move from default habits onto a design path, leading to their greatest desires.

I believe that the desire to be firm with our decisions, and the courage to be free from limited ideas of self, is inherited in everyone.

Getting Clear With Yourself.

When you rise from within, your world shift, revealing a clearer and understandable perception that supports your ideas.

When the visionary discovered an outlet through the smoky mirrors of lack, confusion, and limitation, you will realize that you are never alone. 

Your relations, your ancestral held the stories, and represent you in this intimate theatre of life.

Step boldly on stage and claim your gift, the gift of free will, to be present, putting your imaginary dreams into your physical, feeling, down to earth reality.

There is an audience waiting eagerly for your appearance.

Taking Little Steps to Greatness. 

For example, I want to get in shape, but it seems like a big task; I wish I have the time or the money to hire a training coach; well, take the stairs instead of the escalator.

Little steps interrupt the mind's reasons not to begin.
We need to find crazy and humorous ways to break the adult's domesticated conversation of the mind.

It is never your fault for having unmotivated thoughts, but it is your responsibility to make the change.

Find the humor in those silly thoughts and screen like a crazy, energized child on a roller coaster.
Make yourself a promise to make life beautiful and clean.

If we start with a weak foundation, we spend our energy trying to make problems disappear. 

On the contrary, a foundation built on a definite and single-mindedness expand internally with vigor.

Your temple will stand stable and robust.

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