Crossing the Atlantic

The Music “Crossing the Atlantic” is about the journey within to find self and to take ownership of our own desires. A storytelling with music about the power of imagination.

We invite you to help us plant seeds of Peace, Love, and Prosperity.

 “Crossing The Atlantic” is a cosmic journey within, a love story of the warrior artist within us all. This musical meditation represents a story of the human spirit seeking answers to the meaning of life. It is about leaving the safety of our seashore and courageously moving into the heartbeat of an ocean storm. Symbolizing the internal battle we all have of facing our fears, uncertainty, and doubts. At the same time, we must trust that there is a guide within the depths of the darkness guiding us through. Becoming and fully connected with our inner child, we feel the comforting love of Mother Earth, as she chants us into transformation. Finally emerging into the light on the other side, we are called to join with others, in a ceremony to celebrate life.

It’s a music/poetry celebration to helps us in remembering our uniqueness and inner power. Free up yourself to dance, meditate, or just feel what you feel in your own body temple.

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Give yourself the opportunity to achieve optimum well-being. Whether you are dealing with the external manifestation of weight issues, depression, anxiety, or even cigarette addiction, you can achieve your natural birthright of extraordinary health, wellness, peace, and prosperity!

Evan is a master at listening and knows how to guide you with the transcendent sound of the didgeridoo and the magical art of  NeuroLinguistic Reprogramming.  He uses these tools to help you make the shift within where you experience your own peace. He is here to assist you in helping you heal yourself by taking charge of your own life and fully live your dreams.

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