4 Weeks of Didgeridoo/Chi-Kung lessons

The DIDGERIDOO is a mystical sound healing instrument that truly expresses the artist relationship to the breath. It’s really about healing yourself first to be able to share its benefits. You are drawn to the didgeridoo naturally to express your sound. Learning how to move your chi energy within your body will enhance your experience with this original sound available at your convenience.

In this workshop, you will learn different techniques on how to play the didgeridoo, exercises to strengthen your body and jaw, and finally, how to be creative with the instrument and create your own sound.


You will learn the basic drone, the sounds of the vowels (a e i o u), and the circular breathing technic.

You will be introduced to a series of unique Chi Kung exercises and balloon breathing methods to strengthen your body temple. Experience has shown me that the exercises make a difference in the way the players approach the didgeridoo.

You will study different animal sounds that will help you to open up your creativity and design your own style.

Either you are an advanced or beginner, you will learn how to perform staying rooted, present and to be more in alignment with earth energy. To reach this state we will work with special Chi Kung exercises.

Whether or not you are planning to perform, these exercises are extremely beneficial for your own body and mind. Playing the didgeridoo is from the inside out.

What to expect from the workshop:

  • Find relaxation through playing a musical instrument
  • Integrate a wide variety of didgeridoo techniques into a unified sound
  • Play the didgeridoo for extended periods of time
  • Develop all aspects of your musicianship: time, rhythm, intonation, dynamics, melody and harmony
  • Expand your lung capacity
  • Develop tools for dealing with stress
  • Explore deeper levels of sound meditation
  • Increase confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and greater joy.


Transformation life coaching


In the coaching sessions, I assist you to identify what is lacking in your life to reach optimum health using the art of Neuro Linguistic Programing. The session is tailored to your individual needs, whether it’s emotional, physical or a combination of both. A lack of energy, for example, could be food, environmental or mind related. I work on the whole individual to help rejuvenate.

We are not just a body; we are a mind that designs a body. With this in mind, anything less than wholesomeness is not complete. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the purpose of achieving wholesomeness is to bring to live your dreams and goals.

Become Who You Want To Be!!!

Areas of focus:


  • Visual and mental rehearsal techniques to enhance your performance.
  • Methods to break barriers for a positive self-talk.
  • Control your mind to enable to perform at your best in any situation.
  • Build and maintain focus and concentration.


  • Changing beliefs that are limiting you to move forward and get you where you want to be.
  • Learn the basic exercises to strengthen your body and find what physical exercise motives you.
  • Chi Kung exercises with an inner smile.

Nutrition: You are what you eat and assimilate

  • Detox your body naturally.
  • Stop jumping from one diet to another.
  • Learn to listen what your body and make wholesome food choices.
  • Achieve your ideal body weight, whether it’s to lose weight or gain muscle.
  • Resolve the emotional issues that attach you to food.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sexual Deficiency
  • Weight Management
  • Emotional Eating
  • Building Core Body Strength
  • Insomnia
  • Smoking

How do I Work:

  • I offer a counseling service in Manhattan, or over the phone, or via Skype. We can discuss the method that works best for you.
  • I offer additional, supplementary information as needed.
  • You will be asked provide some basic personal information prior to our meeting.
  • Each session is 2 hours or more depends on the size of the environment.


The counseling I offer is not a suitable replacement for the therapy or medical interventions that can be crucial to active medical problem recovery. If you suffer from a mental or emotional disorder, it’s important that you seek out a professional person that has the training and experience to serve you. We can discuss whether or not you are at a place of recovery, where my work can be valuable to you.

While my work isn’t intended to replace the treatment of any other healthcare professionals, I have experiences working with plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets. I’m happy to work within any dietary paradigm. As a nutritionist, my goal is to simply to help each client find a diet that is appropriate, healthful, and sustainable for his or her body.

Sound healing meditation

In this meditation, you will experience what it feels like to have this rippling vibration moving through your body.

Imagine laying on the ground and feeling the magical waves of the didgeridoo as you find yourself diving deeper into your subconscious mind. Feeling that the entire space is engulfing with this unforgettable sound. Now ask yourself, how this compare to the sound of a waterfall or the overwhelming sound of the ocean waves. Every breath you take let you closer into your womb where your higher self-sings, where the symphony of your being receive the sound of the didgeridoo and introduce you into your primal existence. The place where there is no thoughts, no worries, just your original self. You are in creation, creating from within and around you. Every organ and every cell are showered with this natural resident. Then, you come out from within feeling humble and whole; inspired to give birth to your dreams and to give gratitude for allowing this magical medicine of the didgeridoo.

Wellness is self-created. The vibrational tone of the didgeridoo can assist you in restoring balance and right-mindedness. Guiding you through a state of  complete calmness in  overcoming life challenging issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Muscle tension

Spiritual home cleansing

We often think about internally cleansing ourselves in several ways such as colonic therapy, fasting, or some kind of sweating purification to achieve some sense of good healthy mind and body, but seldom do we consider a home cleansing ritual.

The very word ritual can bring up all sort of strange images and beliefs. Before you reject the idea of a Home Cleansing Ritual, consider the following facts that we take for granted:

Your loving home provides for you more than a roof over our head. It is the energy container that helps form your personality and habits. It is your medicine chest, your nature’s table delight cabinet for food intake and your waste elimination station, your love making and resting chamber, and for some, the place where you prepare your body and mind to start your day.

It stands to reason that your precious home deserves your spiritual cleansing. Simple, right?

Here are some of the tools I use to spiritualize my own home, and that I also use in ritualizing clients home.

  1. Sensual Oils – the best Grade
  2. Sound vibrations – Didgeridoo, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls…
  3. Hypnosis words/chants
  4. A blend of different Herbs.

A clean and energizing home environment reveal to the world how you feel about yourself.


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