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One on One Coach

Demoralizing Thoughts: I want to get in shape but it seems like a big task. I wish I had the time, or the money to hire a training coach. Well, take the stairs instead of the escalator. Little steps interrupt the mind reasons not to begin.

 We need to find crazy and humorous ways to break the adult domesticated conversation of the mind. 

It is never your fault of having unmotivated thoughts, but it is your responsibility to make the change. 

When the visionary you seek an outlet through the smoky mirrors of lack, confusion, and limitation, you will realize that you are never alone. 

Position of a Coach

One of the greatest golfers, Tiger Woods, has a couch that represents him in his mastery.

There is no question about his skill, however, his coach can see things that he, the master, may overlook.         

I believe that there is a star actor in every being who teaches us through each other.

Your consciousness stands at the doorway between you and your phenomenal world.                                  

It is the closest thing to you. Closer than near and forever seeking a new horizon of expression, a mirror of your thinking. 

Didgeridoo Lessons

The DIDGERIDOO is a mystical sound healing instrument that truly expresses the artist relationship to the breath. It’s really about nurturing yourself first, then share its benefits.

Whether you are drawn naturally to play the didgeridoo, experiencing how to express your energy through this instrument will give you a great feeling of satisfaction strengthen your physical, and mental body. 

Along with learning the basic drone, the sounds of the vowels, and the circular breathing techniques, you will be introduced to a series of unique Chi Kung exercises. Experience has shown me that the practices make a difference in the way the players approach the didgeridoo.

Whether or not you are planning to perform, these exercises are extremely beneficial for your own body and mind. Playing the didgeridoo is from the inside out.

 Musical Relaxation

1. Integrate a wide variety of didgeridoo techniques into a unified sound.

2. Develop all aspects of your musicianship: time, rhythm, intonation, dynamics, melody, and harmony.

3.Explore more in-depth levels of sound meditation

4. Increase confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and greater joy.

Group Meditation @ Live Music

Group Meditation with Artist Dream Family is a combination of live sound music, and Self-Awareness Body Mind Conversation.

Artist Dream Family take a different approach to meditation in that the audience is the Artist Dream Family.

The space we share to journey is the altar we design, together on a mental level.

We start our journey by planting seeds of empowerment and strength with simple Temple Exercise Meditation.

The place where there is no thoughts, no worries, just your original self. You are in creation, creating from within.

With this natural resident, you come out from within feeling humble and whole; inspired to give birth to your dreams.

This whole way of meditation is proactive, and it is your design, your dream, your reflection.

The vibrational tone of the didgeridoo can assist you in restoring balance and right-mindedness.

Here is an opportunity to be momentarily free from conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress, giving yourself time to reflect on your dreams.

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