Guided Meditation

In this meditation, you will experience what it feels like to have this rippling vibration moving through your body.

Imagine laying on the ground and feeling the magical waves of the didgeridoo as you find yourself diving deeper into your subconscious mind. Feeling that the entire space is engulfing with this unforgettable sound. Every breath takes you closer to yourself.  The place where there is no thoughts, no worries, just your original self. You are in creation, creating from within. You are showered with this natural resident. Then, you come out from within feeling humble and whole; inspired to give birth to your dreams.

Wellness is self-created. The vibrational tone of the didgeridoo can assist you in restoring balance and right-mindedness. Guiding you through a state of  complete calmness in overcoming life-challenging conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Muscle tension

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