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Artist Dream Family & CRS present “Crossing The Atlantic,” – CD Release

                   April 8 @ 8:00 pm10:00 pm EDT| $30 

CD Release/A Soulful Sendoff to my New Home in Barcelona Spain.

Joining us in Embracing the Power of Music/Poetry/Dance Celebrating the Warrior Artist Within.

Featuring Evan Worldwind, Hannah’s Field and Yahoteh Kokayi and dancers Lale Sayoko & Tomoko Iki.

At CRS (Center for Remembering and Sharing) 123 4th Ave, New York, N.Y 10003  

This musical meditation represents the journey of the human spirit seeking answers to the meaning of life. We will start with a ceremony in preparation for the journey of self-discovery, seeking answers in remembering who you truly are.

This Warrior Adventure represents the internal battle we all go through one way or another. Whether facing our fears, uncertainty, doubts, we grew with time in trusting that there is a guide somewhere within the depths of our being guiding us. Becoming fully connected to the love of Mother Earth, as she chants us into transformation. 

Be prepared to step into your own light, and feel your own power. Your Life, Your Dream, Your Design.

Hannah’s Field brings love, spirit & organic fresh flavor to the people with their gypsy reggae music. Their uplifting acoustic roots and African Earth beats blend together, growing a magical experience for all. Nominated best female vocalist in the Hartford Advocate for many years, the powerful Hannah’s Field songstress her King Bongo Bliss, the gypsy Rasta that plays bass, African drums and sings (often all at the same time), have shared the stage with such great acts as the Average White Band, the Brothers Johnson, Gov’t Mule (members of the Allman Brothers Band), Derek Trucks, Donna Jean (from the Grateful Dead),  the Samples, Percy Hill, and Sound Tribe Sector Nine. They have performed at such venues as the Toads Place, Woodstock Reunion. http://www.hannahsgroove.com

Evan Worldwind founder of Artist Dream Family is a certified Neurolinguistic Design Engineer, Transformation Life Coach, a practitioner of the Classical Yang Style Family Tai Chi, a Musician, Performer and Teacher guide of the Mystical Didjeridoo. http://evanworldwind.com

Yahoteh Kokayi is a percussionist, singer/songwriter born and bred in Brooklyn, NY. As a performer, Yahoteh has toured with Underground System Afrobeat, performed at Madison Square Garden, shared the stage with members of the Grammy Award Winning jazz ensemble, Snarky Puppy, lead his own 9-piece original soul-jazz ensemble, as well as performed and recorded with countless artists in New York and the Tri-State area.

Lale Sayoko was one of the founding members of Japan’s famous Samanyolu professional belly dance group and has since developed her own solo career touring with UK’s Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers on a 44 city tour of the UK, to Turkey’s Baba Zula, to New York’s Bella Gaia multimedia Earth from Space journey show. Appearing in Japanese and American magazines and newspapers, Lale aspires for dance to be a powerful communicator though traditional technique and spiritual embodiment. lalesayoko.com

Tomoko Ikl Graduated from Department of Human Environment Design, School of Life Studies, Sugiyama Jogakuen University. Activities now based in New York. https://www.facebook.com/tomoko.iki.3

2016 received the KAWABA NEW NATURE PHOTO AWARD in the category of Art in Nature.
2013, launched her own studio “Photo Salon Frau” in Tokyo.2013, solo exhibition “mother” held at the Rhythm Warp in Nagoya.
2011, exhibited at the group exhibition “foto-n 2nd exhibition” (X Gallery at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art).
2011, launched her own studio “Photo Salon Frau” in Nagoya.
2010, solo exhibition “stile brau” held at the Valentine Drive in Nagoya.
2007, exhibited at the group exhibition “Kodo (Pulse)” at the Plastic Factory in Nagoya.

We focus on planting seeds of Love, and Inner Peace. Helping you heal yourself.



Artist Dream Family with Evan Worldwind and Yahoteh Kokayi.

Events Friday Nights Single Day Workshops Workshops.

Friday, February 10, 2017
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
46 Deer Hill Rd.
Wappinger, NY


$15 Online / $20 at the Door
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Transformational Cosmic Sound Meditation

Transformational Cosmic Sound Meditation with Artist Dream Family is a combination of live sound music,( Didgeridoo, Drums, Flute, and Ambient sound), body Temple Meditation (Chi-Kung) and Neuro-Linguistic Programing techniques. The aim is to literally shift a person from self-doubts, and other limited ideas, in such a way, to make room for the original person to emerge and proactively design an effective way of life.
Have you ever tried to meditate, stay still, and look at a point… and after 10 minutes you are even more frustrated cause you feel everybody can do it but you! Artist Dream Family takes a different approach to meditation in that the audience is the Artist Dream Family. The space we share to journey is the altar we design on a mental level. We plant seeds of peace, love and prosperity with an introduction to the journey we will be taken together.

We start with a simple design set of Chi-Kung Temple Exercise Meditation that can be done at all age. Then, travel (part one) into an internal cosmic discovery while laying down in a comfortable space accompany with live sound instruments and ambient enhancement.

After the journey, we now take the experiment (part two) into a trance dance meditation with the sound of the Drums and Didgeridoo, talking and communication with your body temple and mind. This whole way of meditation is proactive and it is your life, your dream, your design, and so it is your meditation.


We focus on planting seeds of Love, Inner Peace, and Wealth. Helping you heal yourself. 

Shamanic Sound Healing Meditation

This was fantastic. More than just an experience, Evan is a very wise and knowledgable man and he imparted me with some pearls that gave me strength and made me humbled. I thoroughly recommend his service for anyone seeking more peace and understanding in their lives.

By: Dashiell B

This mans music is alchemy.

A life altering addition to any meditation practice.

His presence is pure peace.  His words are pure magic. His eyes are just -soul.

Listen to his music and feel yourself become a part of everything. 

This is not a sales pitch, I swear. 

This is what I experienced when I met Evan Worldwind and listened to his music.  

By: Elizabeth Sturino

One of the most profound, magical experiences of my life occurred during a ceremony led by Evan Worldwind. He guided our group to form a circle, hold hands, and connect with each other and the universe. Through his words, music, and energy I was able to LET GO. I closed my eyes and found my body moving to the sounds in a free and organic way. I fell into a trance and had deep realizations that I was loved and free to do whatever I want. I also realized the power of giving and receiving and how they are one in the same. After the music ended I opened my eyes and the girl who I’ve been thinking about so much was right next to me. She came into my arms and we started breathing together. I felt like the magic of the ceremony and music opened me up in a way and made me feel unconditionally loved. I felt like I was given a gift. I’m excited to explore a new relationship and I feel refreshed and renewed and so happy! I will never forget that night and the lessons I learned (remembered) about being free and the exchange of giving and receiving. I’m so grateful for being part of that experience and forming a deeper connection with the most high! With love and gratitude. 

Thank you Evan and Rosa!  

By: Lee Gaines – Yogi

My Brother, Evan Worldwind is Courageous & Brave! Always inspiring & caring. Not Afraid of Change! Constantly flowing in the LOVE Vibration! Ready to Give a hand & Steadfast in Life! Thank you for ALL you do!!! My Brother!!!

By: Mary Lee

Working with Evan has opened up my heart in a completely new way.. his voice in sound therapy has allowed me to explore the incredible healing that can come about within the practice. The didgeridoo vibrates the core of my truth, then surfaces & releases tensions held there. I felt quite a transformation within just a few minutes! 

Evan holds a lot of wisdom that he shares with the world through his work. Not only does his voice carry strength through the didgeridoo, but he speaks powerful words with grace & poise. 

I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again. 

By: Thomas, 30, Minneapolis (WFF2015)

 Evan, thank you for sharing this beautiful gift with us. The “Sound Healing” workshop at Woodstock Fruit  Festival was exactly that — healing and transformation through the magical music you create. I feel like  your didgeridoo is able to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual world, and those who  experience the sound are transported. I want to take that journey with you again and again my brother!

By: David Overholt

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Evan..

I felt so deeply connected to you, and I’m grateful for your expansion of consciousness. Your message is so strong, brother.

I will cherish our chat that we shared together in your support group, and I know I’ve made a life-connection.

Much love & best of health..

By: Thomas Long

I have been trying to meditate for a number of years. I have been to classes where we were guided in a seated position. I have found it very difficult to get into a really deep meditation.

During the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2015 I spent 1 hour with Evan Worldwind standing up, and swaying, and moving to the wonderful music.

I felt myself floating into a deep trance. It was the most wonderful experience – the lights, smells and the music were intoxicating.

By: JANE SINCLAIR – Violinist

This past weekend, I was invited to join friends at the Sirius Rising gathering in Sherman, New York, at the Brushwood Folklore Center. While I was there, I had the sublime blessing of meeting Evan Worldwind. I spent two evenings listening to and deeply feeling his music as it slowly seeped into my veins and being. His mastery of the Didgeridoo and the love that flows from his playing are truly divinely inspired. Evan doesn’t just use the Didgeridoo to make music, he uses it as an alchemical sound elixir for deep healing and transformation. I was so moved by the power of his music to reach deep within and far beyond mere sound, I purchased a Didgeridoo for myself.

I am, among other things, a healer. I know that we all have what I call “Medicine”. Our individual medicine is what each of us comes to the Earth to share with other beings. If you are blessed enough to sit in an audience and not only hear Evan play, but feel the sounds of the Didgeridoo wrap around you like a prayer, you will have received a baptism of love in its’ purest form.