Breaking All The Rules.

Attracting Silence: Standing Meditation.

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“Fear is Temporary, Regret is Forever.”

Give Yourself What You Desire - Lift Your Spirit - And Leave No Room For Idle Thinking.

Do you know enough to free yourself from the crippling grip of Anxiety or Depression without going crazy? 

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Dedicated To The Artist Dreamer In You.

This Book Challenges you to do the great work bubbling inside of you.

A sacred manifesto, whispering in your head to be impeccable to the highest.

It provides you with clear, effective internal-focus exercises, inspiring stories, visionary dreams of taking command of your business: your mind.

Also included are bedtime meditations for your night school training.

About The Book Cover Illustration.

About The Book Cover Illustration.

The illustration above presents the idea of perceiving reality from within. The magnetic waves spiraling from the circle’s circumference represent desires and goals.

At the center of the image, there is a circle presenting a single eye, revealing a hidden world. 

“If therefore thine eyes be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” 

Within you, the reader, lies the beautiful, powerful, and unified light.


Select it   Enter it   Manifest it    Experience it….

 Published by Artist Dream family.

I wrote this book for people whose internal chatter resonates with my “why.”

Revisioning Your Undesirable Feelings

Learn who to overcome anxiety and depression with remarkable success in implementing the basic mental and physical tools.

Visionary Dreams To Motivate You

Stories and dreams to inspire you to direct your highest vision of yourself and  unleash your potential with no apologies.

The 36-Day Challenge

An effective method for integrating physical and mental exercise forms expression into your body  temple. 

Dynamic Tools Are Available To Empower You, In Making Room For Miracles In Your Life. 

There Are Two Parts To [Looking From Behind Your Eyes]

Part One

Part one involves a conversation with you, along with detailed guidance on using internal-focus exercises.  The 36-Day Challenge consists of exercises such as the 13 Joints Exercise, Eyes Orbiting the Sun, Scapular Muscle Engagement, and Reverse Meditation, which help you prepare for night schooling.

Part Two

Part two contains inspiring stories and visionary dreams that will motivate you to continue with the exercises. My goal is to present you, the reader, with my personal stories and dreams to inspire you to direct your highest vision with no apologies. I hope you unleash your potential and fly high.

Evan Worldwind

Author of [Looking From Behind Your Eyes]

 I am having a lot of fun transmitting my blessings. I am eager to hear what gems lift up off these pages and touch your creative imagination – your world.

Published by Artist Dream Family.


Select it   Enter it   Manifest it    Experience it….

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