I'm Evan Worldwind, Author of "Looking From Behind Your Eyes" & Founder of Artist Dream Family.

Between this captivating book cover are clear effective internal focus exercises, inspiring stories, visionary dreams, and night school training of taking command of your business, Your Mind.

“What I Hear I Forget, What I See I Remember, What I Do I Understand.” Chinese Proverb.


"Looking From Behind Your Eyes" is a Reminder to the Powerful and Infinite Being within. I feel its message will resonate beautifully with your vision and goals.

See if "Looking Behind Your Eyes" hooks you like it has so many other readers.

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First Chapter.

It’s Never Too Late to Start a Routine.

You can revolutionize your life through a twenty-minute daily exercise routine. I will answer your questions regarding your body, mind, and the practical, down-to-earth purpose of your life.

You can take care of yourself comprehensively, even with a busy lifestyle. Waiting for change or procrastinating on creating a better life for oneself will only lead to negative feelings and a lurking sense of unease.

People who struggle with anxiety and depression have found remarkable success in implementing basic mental and physical tools which are provided here. Emotional drama such as blaming others or self judgment, didn’t define your entry into this world. Your purpose is to ignite the bravery to recall your true essence.


Evan Worldwind 

 I am having a lot of fun transmitting my blessings. I am eager to here what gems lift up off these pages and touch your creative imagination. your world.

My Own Words...

For a long time, I felt there had to be more to life than breathing, consuming things, and listening to past stories of dead people. Taking pieces of my life, paste them together in a form that makes sense of the experiences I had, and why I need to have them. 
Here is what's happening: My Soul Mission is to dream the life of wonders I wish to experience, to have those experiences, and share my satisfaction with people who are truly aspects of myself.
I had this deep feeling to operate effectively in a place where I stand alone, but I don't feel lonely. To claim where I stand regardless of what is happening.

"This man's work is alchemy. A life altering addition to any meditation practice. His presence is pure peace. His words are pure magic. His eyes are just soul. Listen to his words and music and feel yourself become a part of everything.

This is not a sales pitch, I swear. This is what I experienced when I met Evan."

Elisabeth Sturino.

Sirius Rising

"Looking From Behind Your Eyes" challenges you to do the great work bubbling inside of you. It is your sacred manifesto, whispering in your head to be impeccable to the highest. An indisputable being with a purpose in mind, instead of being your world’s best kept secret.


"Looking Behind Your Eyes" will be available soon.

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This book is an action-taking manuscript.

A personal transmission to help you in designing definite plans for taking ownership of your creative power.

Between this captivating book cover are clear effective internal focus practices.