Dedicated To The Artist Dreamer In You

This Book Challenges you to do the great work bubbling inside of you.

It is your sacred manifesto, whispering in your head to be impeccable to the highest.

Purpose Of His Story

I wrote this book for people whose internal chatter resonates with my “why.”

Revisioning Your Undesirable Feelings

Learn who to overcome anxiety and depression with remarkable success in implementing the basic mental and physical tools.

Visionary Dreams That Will Motivate You

Stories and dreams to inspire you to direct your highest vision of yourself and  unleash your potential with no apologies.

The 36-Day Challenge

An effective method for integrating physical and mental exercise forms into your body matrix.

My wish is for you to experience heaven in the present moment. Listen to your music, the song that only you can sing, and affirm that you are a spirit being, an artist showcasing your greatness.

Don’t forget to Get it done. Do something that brings you joy…. you’re looking good!

It’s Great to See You!

There are primary reasons why I wrote this book. First, my soul’s mission is to collect information, gain experiences, and share all of it with people who are just different aspects of myself.

I had a strong desire to live a fulfilling life for a long time. It is a feeling where I stand alone but don’t feel lonely, and stand my ground regardless of what happens

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Chapter 01

You can revolutionize your life through a twenty-minute daily exercise routine. I will answer your questions regarding your body, mind, and the practical, down-to-earth purpose of your life.

You can take care of yourself even with a busy lifestyle. Waiting for change or procrastinating on creating a better life for yourself will only lead to negative feelings and a lurking sense of unease.

People who struggle with anxiety and depression have found remarkable success in implementing the basic mental and physical tools that are provided here. Emotional drama, such as blaming others or self-judgment, didn’t define your entry into this world. Your purpose is to ignite the bravery to recall your true essence. Look toward the horizon with your radiant eyes.

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Evan Worldwind

Author of [Looking From Behind Your Eyes]

 I am having a lot of fun transmitting my blessings. I am eager to hear what gems lift up off these pages and touch your creative imagination – your world.

Published by Artist Dream Family.

What you see, you remember. What you do, you experience.


Select it   Enter it   Manifest it    Experience it….

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