Spiritual Home Cleansing

We often think about internally cleansing ourselves in several ways such as colonic therapy, fasting, or some kind of sweating purification to achieve some sense of good healthy mind and body, but seldom do we consider a home cleansing ritual.

The very word ritual can bring up all sort of strange images and beliefs. Before you reject the idea of a Home Cleansing Ritual, consider the following facts that we take for granted:

Your loving home provides for you more than a roof over our head. It is the energy container that helps form your personality and habits. It is your medicine chest, your nature’s table delight cabinet for food intake and your waste elimination station, your lovemaking and resting chamber, and for some, the place where you prepare your body and mind to start your day.

It stands to reason that your precious home deserves your spiritual cleansing. Simple, right?

Here are some of the tools I use in my own home, and also use in clients home.

1.Sensual Oils – the best Grade

2.Sound vibrations – Didgeridoo, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls…

3.Hypnosis words/meaning good feeling and smiling affirmation words that we all should to meditation on during our busy days.

A clean and energizing home environment reveal to the world, how you feel about yourself.

For more information please contact Evan at evanworldwind@gmail.com