How to Find Something Interesting to Practice?

Something that is Closer Than Near!​
Crossing the Atlantic with whales
Crossing The Atlantic "What is it not"         Crossing The Atlantic is not the kind of music to train you how to meditate, or to help you to sleep. It's a music story message design to fire up your imagination. Power up your senses It is delivered in a martial and meaningful way to power your senses, as a remember …
Celebrating my mother Birthing day.
The beauty of honoring our life from our mother's womb could open the doors of looking deeper into our and honestly feel how beautiful life can be. It's opportunity to see this beauty in everyone.
Moving Meditation
Deceptive Martial Art Chi Chuan can be perceived as a deceptive martial art, especially when seen from the outside. A quantum field influenced by the psychological being experiencing a constant change. I was practicing my Tai Chi Form in New York City Central Park in the summer of 2015 when a martial art instructor said that …