Attracting Silence: A Stance Meditation.

Minding Your Business and Begin [Cultivating Stillness In Your Body.]

Before practicing "Attracting Silence: Standing Meditation" first listen to the entire audio instruction at least once..

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Give Yourself What Your Desire - Lift Your Spirit - Leave No Room For Idle Thinking.

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About The Author

Evan Worldwind.

Evan Worldwind is proficient in both Neuro-Linguistic Transformational Coaching and Yang Family-Style Tai-Chi Chuan. He is also a Storyteller and a transmitter of the mystical (Didgeridoo) wind Instrument.

Evan spent his early years in the mountains of Jamaica. He later moved to the United States and served for several years as a U. S Marine Corps.

For over two decades, Evan has been involved in the transformative arts. According to him, healing starts at home in the psychological realm of the human vessel.

In 2003, he became a member of the New York Tai-Chi Institute and trained in the Classic Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Won Gim.