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Welcome to Evan Worldwind work.  It's great you are here!

For a long time, I felt there had to be more to life than breathing, consuming food and listening to stories of dead people. I rather prefer something more like: My Soul mission is to dream the life of wonders I wish to experience, and share my satisfaction with people who are aspects of myself. I had this deep feeling to operate in a place where I stand-alone, but I don’t feel lonely.

 Your Mind is Your Business

Evan Worldwind is proficient in both Neuro-Linguistic Re-visioning Coaching and Yang Family-Style Tai-Chi Chuan. He is also a Storyteller and a transmitter of the mystical Didgeridoo.

Evan spent his early years in the mountains of Jamaica. He later moved to the United States and served for several years as a U. S Marine Corps. He currently lives between New York City in the United States and Barcelona, Spain. For over two decades, Evan has been involved in the transformative arts. According to him, healing starts at home in the psychological realm of the human vessel.

In 2003, he became a member of the New York Tai-Chi Institute and trained in the Classic Family Style of Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Won Gim. After learning from Sifu Gim for a year, his surgically repaired knee regained full range of motion.Evan's growing confidence fueled his love for music. He encountered the didgeridoo, the customary wind instrument of the Australian Aboriginal People. 

The combination of Story-telling, Tai Chi, and Music gave him a voice and opened doors for him on stage. His captivating storytelling and unique playing style earned him the admiration of audiences at annual festivals such as Brushwood Sirius Rising Didg-Dome and Woodstock Fruit Festival.

Artist Dream Family, led by Evan Worldwind, is a transformative design experience that empowers individuals to help themselves. His aim is to aid countless individuals in awakening their loving imagination and comprehending their connection to the source of all creative expressions.

“It was truly a magical experience to sit in meditation with Evan and his didgeridoo, as he creates a space of love and acceptance in the room. As a person who struggles to sit still in meditation, I effortlessly fell into a deep trance, activating a part of my imagination I had never seen before. Open your mind to the power of meditation, and you will find deeper aspects of yourself that you might not have ever known existed.” 

"Evan Worldwind believed that to help others change their perspective and recognize their connection to creativity, one must start the process within oneself."

A Genuine Testimonial [Heather MacDonald]!

She attended the 2018 Artist Dream Family Experience at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Heather MacDonald
Student of the 2028 Artist Dream Experience at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

"If I simply live the principles that appear to be truth for me, I will touch the lives of those I am destined to touch." Marlo Morgan.

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It’s Never Too Late to Start a Routine.

You can revolutionize your life through a twenty-minute daily exercise routine. I will answer your questions regarding your body, mind, and the practical, down-to-earth purpose of your life.

You can take care of yourself comprehensively, even with a busy lifestyle. Waiting for change or procrastinating on creating a better life for oneself will only lead to negative feelings and a lurking sense of unease.

People who struggle with anxiety and depression have found remarkable success in implementing basic mental and physical tools which are provided here. Emotional drama such as blaming others or self judgment, didn’t define your entry into this world. Your purpose is to ignite the bravery to recall your true essence.

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"What I do now,Echo In Eternity"

Marcus Aurelius

If you are not investing your Time and Energy into a lifestyle that supports your needs and desires, you are wasting them.

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