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This Book Is An Action-Taking Manuscript To Help You In Designing Definite Plans For Taking Ownership Of Your Creative Power.

Between The Captivating Book Cover, Are Clear Effective Internal Focus Exercises, Inspiring Stories, Visionary Dreams Of Taking Command Of Your Business, Your Mind.

Also Included Are Bedtime Meditations For Your Night School Training.

"Evan created a space of love and acceptance in the room. As a  person who struggles to sit in meditation, I effortlessly fell into a deep trance, activating a part of my imagination I had never seen before."writer in particular stood out from the finalists, with a character-driven story that we just couldn't put down until we'd turned the last page.

We can't wait to see what's next from [author name]!

Heather MacDonald
Student of the 2028 Artist Dream Experience at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Blessings, I'm Evan Worldwind. It's great you are here!

I am a Certified Neuro-linguistic Designer, a Classical Yang Style Family Tai Chi Chuan Practitioner, a Musician, Re-Visioning Story-Teller, & Founder of Artist Dream Family.

My journey  began with a desire to heal himself by natural means after years of physical injuries, which initially happened while being a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.

For a long time I felt there had to be more to life than breathing, consuming food and listening to stories of dead people.

I rather prefer something more like: My Soul mission is to dream the life of wonders I wish to experience, to have those experiences and share my satisfaction with people who are really aspects of myself. I had this deep feeling to operate effectively in a place where I stand alone, but I don’t feel lonely. To claim where I stand regardless of what is happening.

This book is for the Artist Dream Family, those inquisitive minds, whose internal conversation resonates somewhat with my why.

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Never Too Late To Start A Practice.

I will explain how you can revolutionize your life through a 20-minute daily exercise routine, answering your inquiries regarding your body, mind, and the practical, down-to-earth purpose of your life. 

Here, you can take care of yourself comprehensively even with a busy lifestyle. Waiting for change or seeking the perfect way to live will only lead to negative feelings and a lurking sense of unease.

Implementing basic mental and physical tools has brought remarkable success to those struggling with anxiety and indecision. Emotional dramas didn't define your entry into this world.. Your purpose is to ignite the bravery to recall your true essence.

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