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 Be persistent in doing what you need to do, despite difficulty or opposition.

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I’m Evan Worldwind

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Practitioner of the Yang family-style of Tai-Chi Chuan, Musician, Storyteller, and Teacher.

My journey into the healing arts began with healing myself naturally after years of debilitating Track and Field injuries.

I spent six months walking with a cane and eventually had knee surgery. I needed to rehabilitate without rigorous training, and that’s what led me to Tai Chi Chuan.

Within a year of working with my tai chi master, I recovered, losing the limp I had dealt with for months.

My exploration with tai chi brought me great mind-body awareness and made me realize that, although I had healed my body, there was much psychological work to be done.

I continued to train privately in the Eastern Martial Arts with my tai chi teacher for eight years, and at the same time, became certified in Neurolinguistic Programming to dive deeper into addressing my own limiting beliefs and, ultimately, help others do the same for themselves. 

I began learning the didgeridoo 18 years ago after a profound spiritual experience I had upon hearing the instrument.

I closed my eyes, fell into a trance, and began seeing images of a cylinder boulder underneath the Earth pushing up stones and trees.

It felt as though the Earth being created by the sound of the didgeridoo. 

I have since performed at festivals and special events all over the world, playing alongside healers and artists such as Wim Hof and Alex Gray.

"This man's music is alchemy. A life-altering addition to any meditation practice.               

His presence is pure peace. His words are pure magic. His eyes are just -soul.

Listen to his music and feel yourself become a part of everything.

This is not a sales pitch, I swear. This is what I experienced when I met Evan Worldwind and listened to his music."

Elizabeth Sturino

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