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Active Meditation for Mind-Body Awareness


january 2022

Are you ready to take mind-body mastery into your own hands?

How to be persistent in doing what you need to do, despite difficulty or opposition?

Active Meditation shows you how to access the place where Imagination and Creative Powers.


Learn how to Open Your Body Through Passive Postures.

Experience the Feeling of Mind-Body Awareness from Live Vibrational Sound of the Didgeridoo.

How to be persistent in doing what you need to do, despite difficulty of opposition.

I’m Evan Worldwind

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Practitioner of Tai-Chi Chuan, Musician, and Storyteller.

My journey into the healing arts began with healing myself naturally after years of debilitating injuries from running track and field.

 I needed to rehabilitate without rigorous training, and that’s what led me to Tai Chi Chuan.

Within a year of working with my tai chi master, I recovered, losing the limp I had dealt with for months. My exploration with tai chi brought me great mind-body awareness and made me realize that, although I had healed my body, there was much psychological work to be done.

I'M bety aracil tezanos.

I am passionate about yoga, nature and traveling the world.For seven years I lived in Southeast Asia and Australia, places where I had the opportunity to develop my path and my love for yoga, Taoism and meditation.

I studied and graduated in Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga and Reiki in Thailand where I also discovered Mindfulness meditation and Vipassana.

My curiosity about Traditional Chinese Medicine and especially about the Tao and its vision of man as part of nature and the universe (microcosm) made me want to know more about Taoist bio-energy, internal Alchemy and Qi Gong.

In the Active Meditation For Mind-Body Awareness session: