Music & Storytelling Ceremonies

I envision Artist Dream Family out of my view of our world as a collective of dreamers. I see us as a family of dreamers working together to create what we embodied for our collective.

Artist Dream Family is therefore more than just another group gathering. It is a Medium for Promoting Healing & Creativity through Music & Storytelling.

Whenever I perform, I refer to anyone listening as part of the Artist Dream Family. 

  • Retreats 
  • Festivals 
  • Live Virtual Meditations
  • Music & Storytelling - Ceremonies

Artist Dream Family experiences are a fusion of meditation, music, and storytelling, delivered to you to discover how to Strengthen your Imaginary abilities, Mentally and Physically, 

I begin all ceremonies by guiding people through an Active Meditation to honor their Temple Body. I use the vibrational tone of the didgeridoo to restore balance in the body and recenter the mind. 

Through the course of the experience, we access the place where Imagination and Creative Powers dance together.

From this space, you reach a state of body-mind harmony, freeing up space to create from within and tell a new story for yourself.

Participants in Artist Dream Family experiences report feeling humble, whole, and inspired to give birth to their dreams after ceremonies. These meditations offer a glimpse into an achievable existence free of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.

We are all artists. What kind of dream do we want to have together? 

“Every time you come to the U.S. You know that this is your home. Please come and bless our space with the didgeridoo.”

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey - Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

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