Pushing Hand: Training Application

I shared this video to make a point: energy is more powerful than force. The “Pushing Hand” is a training application taught at the H. Won Kin Tai Chi Institute in New York City to help cultivate your energy, or chi, to create inner power. I made this video with a former classmate of mine who paid a visit to me in Barcelona. Pay attention to the parts of the video in which my former classmate and I stumble backwards.  


How does the Pushing Hand work?

If you’re like those who observed us making this video, you probably think that we’re stumbling backwards as some kind of act. I probably would, too, if I were not trained in Tai Chi.

This is a particularly deceptive-looking application for those looking on, but in fact it is a careful transmission of energy between the two practitioners. Through Tai Chi training, we learn to reach the level of relaxation required to allow energy to flow freely through the entire body.

The energy goes through the person, hits the ground, and bounces back, causing them to stumble. This training application, when done successfully, is a sign of a complete harmony in the body.

Experiencing is Believing

Without having experienced the ineffable feeling of your energy in action, it’s hard to imagine what it feels like. Understanding internal Tai Chi and the power of your own energy requires direct experience in practicing Tai Chi. Your energy in action is a gift that the body holds inside itself. Pushing Hand is one of the most powerful applications within the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi style that is available for anyone to develop and fine-tune their internal power. 

For more information on this application, visit www.nytaichi.com 

Like most things in life worth knowing, Pushing Hand is a personal experience. If you desire to change anything in your world, you must successfully do so from within your being.

About the author 

I am a certified Neuro-linguistic Design, Practitioner of the Classical Yang Style Family Tai Chi Chuan, Musician, Story Teller, and Teacher of the Mystical Didgeridoo.
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