The Bridge: Musical Circle of Excellence with The Board of Directors.

Bridge Art Center

304 Main St.
Farmington, CT 

I am delighted to give a Circle Of Excellence presentation at “Bridge Healing Arts Center” this summer of 2024, August 4th. Starting at 4:30pm to 6:30pm. A Musical MindBody Tuning Ceremony. 



Circle Of Excellence is a captivating exploration of Mind engagement with Internal (13 Wheels) moving meditation in combination with life music and Storytelling with the Board of Directors.


A foundational [13 Wheels] Internal Moving Art, and The Enchanting Sounds of the Mystical (Yadaki) Didgeridoo/Drums and Chanting. 

What to Expect

You will Learn how to proactively harness your creative energy.

How to direct your mind power and use it to uplift yourself and your community.


Please wear an entire that supports movements and a yoga mat if so desired. 

Most important, travel with an open mind for a radical shift.   


"I was invited to join friends at the Sirius Rising gathering in Sherman, New York, at the Brushwood Folklore Center. While there, I had the sublime blessing to meet Evan Worldwind. I spent two evenings listening to and deeply feeling his music as it slowly seeped into my veins and being. His mastery and the love that flows from his playing are truly divinely inspired.

Evan doesn't just use the didgeridoo to make music, he uses it as an alchemical sound elixir for deep healing and transformation. I was so moved by the power of his words and music to reach deep within and far beyond mere sound.

If you are blessed enough to sit in an audience and not only hear Evan play but feel the sounds wrap around you like a prayer, you will have received a baptism of love in its purest form."