When you take action to elevate yourself, your are uplifting your entire being.

When you take action

When you take action to elevate yourself, you are uplifting your entire being, because what you see, hear, smell, and feel is a reflection of the inner divine qualities of your true nature. 

A sure way of understanding who you are and what you desire to be is to learn how to feel and observe your environment without judgment.

Do not take your position in life lightly. 

If you are experiencing any undesirable condition, you are encouraged to see the lesson in it. This lesson is you in action remembering who you genuinely are. 

Your experiences have great merit and are beneficial to others.

We all are reminded in some point  in our life spend some time in contemplation of what we desire of life.


Imagining Your Desires

Here is a poem that reminds me to take time to look up and appreciate the mystery of life within. “I looked up into the night sky for no apparent reason,
Seeing unaccountable stars shining down on me, I wondered.
How many of you are there and who I Am?
With my head held high, I look from behind my eyes,

Into the great vastness above I a deep breath and asked for clarity.
Then, I heard a sound like an explosion in my mind saying,
There are many of us out there who are beaming to see your worth.”

What do you worth?

When you ask for support, you are asking the star within you to shine beyond all your limited ideas and feelings, the source of all your worth seeking the path of expression. It is your conscious self on the move blazing deep inside with the desire to shine in your reality, and there is no escaping this. This star must not be directed or prescribe in any way to be express. Wisdom is you, the infinite child full with anticipation, traveling beyond any human definition of life.

Why seek help now?

Your consciousness stands at the doorway between you and your phenomenal world. It is the closest things to you. Closer than near and forever seeking a new horizon of expression. So, your world is a reflection of your consciousness — a mirror of your thinking.

There were times in not so distant past when women and man of extraordinary gifts and skill in the esoteric field had to live in fear of been physically burned to death. Now, we are mentally and emotionally afraid of been exposed and tortured by our mind. It takes courage to confide in another, and humbleness to hornet the courage in taking command of your life. A speaker once said to me, if you like something, studying it well so you can share it with others. The truth is, we are each other keeper and a teacher in this game of remembering our greatness.

Your willingness to take ownership of your power, by default, help to lift the race consciousness. One of the greatest golfers, Tiger Woods, has a coach that represents him in his mastery. There is no question of his skill, but his coach can see things that he the master may overlook. I believe that there is a star actor in every being who teaches us through each other. This insight begins with finding self. Begin this very moment to believe in yourself, and claim ownership of your power.

We are not just a body; we are a mind that designs a body. With this in mind, anything less than wholesomeness is not worth settling. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind that the purpose of achieving wholesomeness is to bring alive your unique style of expression.

Areas of Focus


Visual and Mental rehearsal techniques for changes. Methods to break through to positive self-talk.

Ways to take command of your mind to enable to perform with ease.

Build and maintain focus  and concentration.

Changing beliefs that are limiting  you to move forward to where you desire to be.

Study basic exercises to strengthen your body-mind.

Chi Kung exercises with an inner smile.

Learn to listen to what your body.

This is my dream