How To Take Ownership Of Your Power

Architect Of Creative Power

Each one of us is an architect of Creative Power, a multi-dimensional Spirit explorer, traveling in a yin yang masterpiece of art, made of energy, known as body-mind. There are billions of design creator's power here, moving upon this planet, destined to remember. You and I are one of them.

I saw a posting on one of the most prominent social media some time ago that read: 

"The person who said that the world is over-populated is now wanted, to save our lives with vaccines."

A statement supposedly made by a being objectifying a psychological split universal of a hypnotic construct. As usual, such a construct causes a reactionary response in people that generate many levels of fear and dependency on a system that feeds on the illusion that the earth is unsustainable.

 Rude Awakening

What a rude awakening, realizing that there is only one of us reflecting as billions in the Now!What if I tell you, we are the broadcasters of limited ideas from our double-minded concepts of who we are? And therefore, we are responsible for the experiences we are having and the changes we seek. We possess the power of divine intelligence to realign our conscious awareness.

What Can We Do To Change Our Perception?

Let us begin within this spectrum of time by accepting that we live, breathing tabernacles (body-mind) trodding through the desert, destined to remember who we are. The vibrational expression of light-being, dancing in the vortex of light, the desire to explore -The I Am Life.The plan was to forget, to remember, relying on the one gift we embodied in our psychological medicine pouch—the gift of free will.First, we give ourselves this free will to remember who we are and where we are.We are the ones, the spirit of light, dreaming our creativities of expansion within the dream of this planet. Therefore, we agree to be responsible for doing the work, for being conscious that there are no separate components in our vibrational form of existence.

How To mind Our Business With Strength And Wisdom?

1. Remember and practice the feeling that, wherever we stand, is the Center of the Earth.2. To feel the truth of that, we have to Align our temple mind creatively to the only Center.3. To accomplish this, we have to let go of the paralyzing feeling of fear and panic by practicing Relaxation without judgment. We possess the tools stored in our medicine pouch, already calibrated to assist us. The mission of our business is to seek balance in all accepts of our lives.

Doing The Opposite

A woman once shared with me how she begins to remember who she is. She didn't have positive role models within her family to rely on, nor in the neighborhood, she lived. So, she skillfully observed their behaviors and did the opposite. It is not enough to know-how. Action is required.Sometimes we get caught up in the stories that give temporary relief from our fears and anxieties. We can seek a physical teacher, a guru, or a life coach to help us take action, but we have to do the work ourselves. WHY? because we are the reflection of our teachers, gurus, and couches objectify.

Seeking Balance

 Disgruntled students often blame their teachers, not realizing that they are chastising their demon of misunderstanding.Remember this; Mother Earth does not seek revenge nor recognition. She vibrational ly seeks balance and expansion. In our lives, the people are our guides, or whatever title we prefer because we are one in Oneness."Forever Oneness who teaches us through each other."

Taking The Physical And Mental Activities

Here is my suggestion to make things more precise in your mind.Remove all labels that limit your awareness of who you are. Take the physical and mental activities to feel good—the courage to exercise the gift of free rest in our hands. Focus your attention on the three principles (Centering, Alignment, Relaxation) mention above. Our work starts with seeking balance within ourselves.In your stance, focus your awareness on where you are in your stillness of motion, knowing that you are supported. Mother provides the foundation where our dreams, our spectrum of light manifest into realities.She encourages us to breathe, relax, expand, and amplify our intentions as she guides us into new horizons.

Evan Worldwind

About the author 

I am a certified Neuro-linguistic Design, Practitioner of the Classical Yang Style Family Tai Chi Chuan, Musician, Story Teller, and Teacher of the Mystical Didgeridoo.
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