The DIDGERIDOO is a mystical sound healing instrument that truly expresses the artist relationship to the breath.

You will learn different techniques on how to play the didgeridoo, exercises to strengthen your body and jaw, and finally, how to be creative with your instrument.













Whether or not you are planning to perform, these exercises are extremely beneficial for your own body and mind. Playing the didgeridoo is from the inside out. Along with learning the basic drone, the sounds of the vowels, and the circular breathing technic, you will be introduced to a series of unique Chi Kung exercises to strengthen your body temple. Experience has shown me that the practices make a difference in the way the players approach the didgeridoo.

Find relaxation through playing a musical instrument.












Integrate a wide variety of didgeridoo techniques into a unified sound

Play the didgeridoo for extended periods of time

Develop all aspects of your musicianship: time, rhythm, intonation, dynamics, melody, and harmony

Expand your lung capacity

Develop tools for dealing with stress

Explore deeper levels of sound meditation

Increase confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and greater joy.

Contact: evanworldwind@gmail.com for further information.