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Learn How to Produce the  Drone 

Sound of Vowels 


The Art of Circular Breathing

Why learn the didgeridoo?

The didgeridoo is a mystical sound healing instrument that expresses the artist’s relationship to the breath. The player learns to strengthen the mind-body connection and enter a state of performance meditation. 

The ancient, sacred didgeridoo vibrates at a low, grounded frequency that has the capacity to dissolve energetic blocks in the body of the player and listener. 

By learning to play this powerful instrument, you will nurture your own inner peace, change energy, and share your gift with others. 

Remembering How To Play 

Get the Right Mindset to play the Didgeridoo. DRONE and CIRCLE of BREATHING tips.

Lesson Structure & Benefits

With a didgeridoo lesson package, you will learn to: 

1. Integrate a wide variety of didgeridoo techniques into a unified sound
2. Master circular breathing and play the didgeridoo for extended periods of time
3. Develop all aspects of your musicianship: time, rhythm, intonation, dynamics, melody, and harmony
4. Develop tools for dealing with stress
5. Learn Qi Gong exercises that will enhance your ability to play  
6. Explore deeper levels of sound meditation
7. Cultivate confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and joy! 

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