Root Sound Activation

All states are created in an instant. We enter a state at every session with a completely open heart to receive and demonstrate our gratitude to a master plan. Root Sound Activation is the place where we let go of all expectation and allow the spirit of the audience to received and objective the beauty of their Soul in expression. We are the Artist of our own dramas on display in our reality, completely design and furniture. This where we get to tap into the sound of the Planet amplifying our instruments, starting with our Body Temple. This activating musical journey is a hypnotic experience to remember.

Evan Worldwind and Yahoteh Kokayi

The Root of our Sound is like waves moving beneath your feet while standing on the shore, experiencing the vastness of life as the feeling of being pulled in by the waves and at the same time, supported by a feeling of rootedness in your stances into the depts of our Mother’s love.

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