Tai Chi Meditation

Tai Chi Chuan Spinning Meditation

What is Tai Chi Chuan?
Tai Chi Chuan is a deep internal spinning meditation. At the original core, it’s a Martial Art and is said to be rooted in Taoism, a cosmic nature discipline practice of Ancient China. Today, it is practiced all over the world as an excellent system to bring body and mind in one cohesive unit.

One of the known translation Tai Chi Chuan is Supreme Ultimate Boxing. There are depths to the meaning and origin to the term. For this conversation, Tai Chi Chuan is the Supreme Ultimate Meditation to strengthen and unit the physical and mental well-being in equilibrium to the earth and heavens.
This Supreme energy known as Tai Chi requires a frame, a physical and mental form where the practitioner work and practice. There are many several Tai Chi forms been practice today with unnumbered variations within these form, which can be very confusing for seekers who wish to know more.
The form introduced here is called the Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan with 108 moves within its matrix. This ancient and unique form was transmitted to me by Sifu H Won Gim.

The 108 moves are attainable by anyone regardless of age or condition but require time, patient and diligence in daily practice.
The form introduced here is attainable, yet challenging because it is a psychological journey for self-discovery.
My work with you is to guide you into a form safely and accurately.
As a student, you are exploring your mind and body connections internally from within your self.

Why should you practice the foundation of Tai Chi?
The foundation is beneficial in uniting mind and body on a physical, mental playing field.
Unification of mind and body will help you to observe your energy field as you practice maneuver your reality with confidence.

About classes?
Classes instructed one on one. Even within a group, each individual receives personal attention and is encouraged to go at his or her own pace.

The class begins with a basic introduction to a form which focuses on Centering, Alignment, Relaxing and Balancing.
Proper Alignment of your body to the earth. (Note: barefoot provide the ultimate grounding.)
Centering helps to connect the lower and upper part of your body.
Coordinating your whole body from the ground up in a Balance and Relax condition.

Give yourself this opportunity, and you will have a powerful medicine tool that no one can take away from you.


This is pushing hand as it is taught at the H. Won Gim Tai Chi Institute in New York City. One of my classmates, Austin Vryhof was visiting me in Barcelona and we decided to do little practice before going to the Airport.
I shared this video to make a point. What you are looking at is a training application use at our school to assist in developing inner power.

Now, most people will look at this video and think that we are faking going backward. I probably would my self, if I did not train and experience for myself. In fact, someone was standing nearby looking at us in action, and this person believed that we were pretending to be pushed back.
This Tai Chi application is deceptive. Careful transmission from a knowledgeable teacher is central to assimilate the training with time and effort. In fact, if you are looking to understand internal Tai Chi you would have to experience it for yourself. It is just not possible without personal experience of your energy in action. That is the gift, that the beauty you hold inside. Push hand is one of the powerful application with the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi available to develop and fine tune your inner power. For further clarification, visit www.nytaichi.com
Like everything in life that worth knowing, can only be experienced from the inside out. If you desire to successfully change anything in your world you must do so from within your being.