How can Tai Chi & Chi Kung Help in Healing?

My expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming will help you reformat your thoughts to tell a new story.

The journey is not complete without the mind-body connection. That’s where Tai Chi and Chi Kung come in.

Through one-on-ones and workshops, I’ve helped people work through traumas, heal from injuries, and combat illness with Tai Chi and Chi Kung training. 

One-on-one Tai Chi and Chi Kung training is not offered virtually, as it is important to work with the student in person to correctly coach. I will, however, soon be offering an online course for those who wish to learn some simple and effective Chi Kung moves independently. 

If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, I am in the Barcelona area. I also travel frequently for international festivals and events. 

Rates & Packages for one-on-one Tai Chi & Chi Kung training: 

Interested in booking me for your festival, retreat or event? 


What are the benefits of Tai Chi And Chi Kung? 

The art of Tai Chi and Chi Kung is mastering your own energy, or qi, as it’s known in Chinese. In doing so, you teach your physical body to tell a new story.

Practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung

In the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, you’ll learn to move your body with mental attention and energy rather than muscle or force.

The awareness generated by this style of movement allows you to better understand the relationship between your mind and body and how they work together. One cannot be in balance without the other!

In making this connection and full body harmony, you open the door to healing and re-envisioning your life.

 How can Tai Chi and Chi Kung help me? 

With NLP and Tai Chi, you create harmony and facilitate a total mind-body makeover of the way you approach existence. You will learn to observe yourself on both a physical and emotional level, opening the door for healing and envisioning your new life. 

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